Coach Lancucki is observant and insightful. He’s got an infectious passion for the game. A top coach in Toronto who’s hands on and excited to share his knowledge.
Luigi B.

Something has clicked with Jits and me in the last few weeks. I love it so much and can honestly not imagine not doing it for the rest of my life. It truly is more a part of me and what I want for myself.  My new gym is great, training with Dean(Lister) & Jeff(Glover) is a real honor, but I will forever regard you as my Coach.  You introduced me to the sport and showed me how I want to be in the sport, in personal life and with my wife and future family.  In short, you are a bad mother fucker and I have nothing but absolute love and respect for you. You make the world a better place.  You do an amazing and hugely important thing in that basement of yours.
The Irish Smiling Bastard AKA John K.

A great little gym, basically a place where real people want to train hard, none of this poncy business, a get down and dirty type gym a place where real martial artist train. Easy to find and easy to park. Well matted out gym with bags, bungees etc, a great training environment. Great vibe in the gym, no attitudes or egos, everyone is equal regardless of experience.
Faissal N.

Jay focuses on making people competent combatively in as short a time as possible. This has ensured that every time I train with him, I leave with something new and useful that can be immediately put to use. This is priceless.
For those who are interested in beginning or continuing their training in combat and combat sports, Jay’s approach to and attitude towards training needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. I leave every session feeling positive about myself, knowing that i am progressing; this can not be said for other places I have trained in the past.
John V.

The first time I stepped into Jason’s club, I noticed an immediate difference from some of the other places that I’ve trained at. Gone were the attitude, hype, and stuffy rituals. Instead Jason provides a pure, no BS training environment. He has built the club around the right type of people – people who are there to train and build each other up, rather than trying to prove who has the biggest ego, but don’t let the club’s informal atmosphere fool you; the training is anything but casual!
Chris Y.

My first hour was an introduction to the basics of jujitsu which really put me out of my element. I never spent so much time on my back and you could really tell. My training partners where awesome, helping me every step of the way. They didn’t mind giving their time to help me out. Jason is a great teacher and understands that everyone learns in different ways and comes from different training backgrounds. One other thing that really hooked me was how light Jason kept the training, I don’t mean in the terms of effort, that’s killer, I mean in the terms of taking yourself too seriously. I found taking up this attitude really helps the learning process.
Gary L.

Jason is an extremely knowledgeable and well rounded instructor who will improve your overall game from striking to grappling to stick-fighting. He is extremely patient and really works with you closely as an individual to enhance your strengths and shore up any weaknesses. He also encourages a great training environment with good people and always keeps your safety in mind. You will have fun, you will get in better shape and you will improve your mixed martial arts (MMA) skills.
Nima B.

Jason has really helped me to bind together my previous 12 years of martial arts experience by introducing me to new training methods/techniques and by filling in the voids where many others neglect. At TPTM, you get a fun and casual training environment with people who understand that by making their training partners better, they themselves get better.
Jun D.

I was initially attracted to Jason’s school due to his vast knowledge of Jeet Kune Do and Kali, but when I started to train I realized that there was a whole lot of mixed martial arts techniques that I didn’t know. I was able to quickly gain skills in closing the gap, grappling, ground defense and submissions, boxing etc. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until I started training at TPTM! To anyone who is thinking that they want to start learning MMA, I strongly encourage you to take Jason up on a free session. It can change your life!
Ric P.

Jason – A long time friend and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, his great sense of humor coupled with his incredible insight and ability to coach just makes training at turning point training methods a great past time for personal growth and exploration..Highly recommended.
Paul Z.

Jason has the ability to make learning fun. And when fun is involved you learn more and retain more. It has helped me not to be so hard on myself, to allow more freedom in my training and peace of mind. Always, always learning. If you want a positive environment for training and learning, as well as a good laugh, then Jason and TPTM is the club for you.

I was familiar with Jason´s training and skills because I was a team member of his in high school. We were city champions on the Wrestling team. Jason was also well known in the community for his affinity for Martial Arts and as a local bouncer at a populaur neighbourhood bar. Jason´s style of coaching helped me develop a love for the sport of Jiu Jitsu. This helped me keep in shape and start a new hobby that makes me very happy. Jason is agreat coach and he makes Jiu Jitsu very fun. One leaves the training eager for the next and feeling a sense of growth and accomplishment.
Andrew D.

Several years ago, with limited training in martial arts, I was looking for a more versatile and effective fighting style which would allow me to adapt in various combat situations. Attending such a seminar provided me the opportunity to meet Jason Lancucki who was/is an instructor in Toronto base Jeet Kune Do Concept group. After witnessing his teaching style and fighting skills, I began training with Jason full time to the present day. I believe his teaching methods transcends above style and tradition and focuses on effective techniques for the individual whether that be ground fighting, stick grappling, stand-up striking, self-defence, etc. Employing aliveness training and a systematic teaching method of introduction, isolation and integration has allowed me to learn many techniques. With aliveness training, I can realistically evaluate my abilities and progress. As a result, I have become a comfortable ground fighter which was one my primary objectives before meeting Jason. For anyone whom is interested in training at Jason’s TPTM club, you’ll find a highly skilled teacher with an open concept in combat arts that has the ability to effectively teach and guide you in your training. The club has a very supportive group of students with various martial art backgrounds, training sessions are fun, good cardio work, and plenty of rolling/sparring to practice and improve your game.