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Comp Team Montreal Road Trip

March 28, 2012 Posted by School of Thought

The SBG Toronto Competition Team participated in the 1st Montreal Grappling Experience last weekend, hosted by grappling phenom David Aguzzi. The crew left before sunrise Friday morning, in order to complete the long drive early and have a relaxing evening to prepare for the grueling, double event round robin the following day.

A beautiful, warm, sunny day welcomed the team as they enjoyed a late afternoon bistro lunch, caught some fly dub-step at the McGill campus, and took in the sites from Mt. Royal.

The team made great use of the hotel fitness area, stretching out in the gym, having a quick swim in the pool, and a very relaxing steam room. All were in peak physical & mental form and ready for battle – Pro Deal indeed!

Arriving at the event around 9am, our host guided us through the registration process where we all made weight (thanks steam room!). It was held in a small fencing gym, with a nice setup of 4 pro style rings. The tourney was very well run, and the reffing was outstanding. However, the standard game of waiting for your division to be called began that is the norm for all events like this, so we hunkered down to watch many great matches. By 4pm our 1st divisions began to be called.

PK lit up the tourney donning his now famous pink gi, making friends with everyone he came into contact with in his trademark style. With great posture, he had several close battles in Gi, but saved his aggression for the NoGi, denying one opponent anything from standup before a beautiful sprawl, back take to rear naked choke for the tap!

Derek, donning the Gi for the 1st time in competition, blasted through his opponents with relentless, dominating pressure, utilizing his newly sharpened ‘shoulder of justice’ to great success. During the last of his Gi matches, Derek tweaked his back and could not continue into the NoGi event.

Kier showed fighting tiger spirit in his first Gi match, bringing heavy pressure to a spider guard player. Down on points and short on time, he finally blasted through to land in half guard and immediately sunk in the sleeve choke, but ran out of time before getting the tap. Somewhere during the match he got his arm/shoulder wrenched and could not continue for the remainder of both events.

Candice, with energetic patience, stood by her crew with cheers, always on the ready to support our players during the grueling (increasingly smelly) 12hr event. Barely taking her eyes off the matches, it was obvious a new die-hard BJJ fan and future competitor was born.

After giving our thanks and goodbyes to our host (who didn’t take a break from reffing all day) we made our way back to the hotel to begin our recovery/debrief and celebrate a well fought day. After a return to the spa, a nice meal and a few drinks we turned in for the night to prepare for the ride home.

Such a great experience was had by all! Many things were learned and confirmed about how to properly prepare and manage a long day event such as this. All were happy with their performances, and were on track with aspects that each are currently working on with their individual games, yet all took away many new things to work on. The most important aspect of the trip was the team spirit that was leveraged which made us more than the sum of our parts. All have vowed to bring this newly kindled fire back home to infect the rest of the gym to take us all to the next level of competition performance.