Jason Lancucki – Head Coach

Raised by honey badgers deep in the Polish rainforest until the age of two (when he accidentally killed his guardians with his already awesome kungfu abiliites) this martial maniac has been on a “musha shugyo”  of epic proportions ever since…leaving behind a trail of broken limbs and battered bodies in his wake.

Legend says that he beat up the leaders of the BlackDragon fighting society soo bad that they were forced to change  their name to the Brusied Butterfly Rainbow Huggers.  Venerated teacher to such legendary martial masters as…Count Dante,Tong Po, Judah Friedlander, Daniel Larusso, Frank Dux, the Furious 5 and.. Stephen Seegul…

… you would be honoured and very lucky to be accepted and initiated as one of his students …the Angry Disciples of Death (AKA the ADD squad).








Kier McManus – Assistant Coach

In 1988, at the age of 15, Kier began his combative arts journey by joining a WTF TaeKwon-Do and Kick-Boxing Competition Team. For over 8 years he metaled in open events in Canada and the USA with the FIGHTING TIGERS of Master Dane Williams.

Looking for something new, Kier began training JKDC where as a student of Makoto Kabayama, was introduced to Filipino Boxing, Stick Fighting, Grappling, and coaches Jun Dazai and Jason Lancucki.

In 1998, he began training with Jason Lancucki at Turning Point Training Methods, where he was able to train with legendary Instructors Larry Hartsell, Eric Paulson and Philip Gelinas, eventually becoming a coach in the Canadian Amatuer Boxing Association. Naturally drawn to the SBG vibe, Kier focused his training on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2005, where he regularly competes in both Gi and No-Gi grappling tournaments.

Kier currently holds a Purple Belt in BJJ under Matt Thornton (BJJ Black Belt, SBGi Founder) and is an assistant coach at TPTM / SBG Toronto.