SBG Toronto @ Grappling Industries Toronto

September 8, 2013 Posted by School of Thought

SBG Toronto @ Grappling Industries Toronto: Sunshine Boulevard on September 7th, 2013

What a fantastic example of what a community TPTM is. Derek and Aaron went to battle it out at the event over the weekend at the round robin tournament. Accompanied by a solid line of teammates to support. Special thanks goes to Coach Jun, Geoff and Mark for coming out to lend their advice, moral and technical support for when our team mates were on and off the mats.

Both Derek and Aaron had some absolutely dominate rounds (text book bjj) both scoring rounds of 20-0 and 23-0, respectively. There were a couple of losses but both competitors immediately understood that these are the holes they need to fill and are looking forward to working some details in the next few weeks before the next tournament. The footage taken by Grappling Industries will be posted on their Facebook page.

These events make us stronger as individuals and as a community. Very proud to see our team mates put it all out on the mats, and to walk away without injury to train another day.

Honourable mention goes to Aaron’s first medal, he placed third even though he would have had 2nd if his opponent did not grab his rash guard to prevent a sweep. Chalk it up to experience, many more of these to come…. and I don’t mean medals… I mean good times.



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