2012 Ontario Open Wrap Up

May 30, 2012 Posted by School of Thought

Just a quick THANK YOU! to the members of TPTM-SBG Toronto’s ADD Squad that put it on the line this past weekend at the Ontario Open BJJ Tournament.
David Wu,Derek Noonan, Pirashanth Pk Kesavan, and Sherman Thomas Patterson…. You make me proud to be your Coach!

Sherman brought home the bronze.(1st time competing)
PK placed 4th out of +40.
Derek won his 1st and 2nd matches.
David Wu took home the arms of his 1st and 2nd opponents.(1st time competing).

…and special mention goes out to Kier McManus and Candice McDonald for coming out to support the Squad!

Honoured and humbled to be a part of the process.

Viva SBGi!

Photo by Maja Rabasovic
Check out her stuff at http://www.cubem.net/

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