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ADCC Veteran, Dan Toole Seminar @ TPTM/SBG Toronto

April 17, 2008 Posted by School of Thought

***ADCC Veteran to be teaching @ TPTM/SBG Toronto!!

This coming Thursday,April 17th @ 6pm, my old friend and former HighSchool wrestling teammate, Dan Toole, will be teaching the first of a few special classes while in town during the month of April.

This 1.5hr clinic is $15 for current members, $20 for non-members.
Below is a partial list of his accomplishments…
Don’t miss this rare training opportunity. If you’re interested, get back to me ASAP to confirm a spot, as space will be limited…. 1st come 1st $erved”

Pic from his fight against Carlson Gracie 2nd Degree Black belt Marcelo “Playmobile” Pacha

The fight was declared a draw in regulation time even though I got 2 takedowns and controlled the 10 minutes easily,

 we fought for an extra 5 minutes and Marcelo was awarded the win, basically I got screwed because he was the Prince’s favorite.

  I can’t complain, I should have dumped him on his head in the overtime instead of playing his game.”

Multi time Australian State and National Champion, Pan Pacific BJJ Champion.

1999 ADCC Competitor, ADCC judge 2000 – Present.

Extensive Wrestling Background. 3 time TSSAA champ, 4 time OFFSSA participant, ran the 2000 Olympic Games for Wrestling and Judo.

Long standing Purple Belt Member of the Will- Machado BJJ Team, which includes UFC Veterans Elvis Sinosic, Anthony Perosh, and George Sotiropolus. As well as a dozen or more Pancrase and Rings Veterans.

Starting Wrestling in 1985 at Malvern C.I. until present day I have had the opportunity to train one on one with some of the best in the world including a 6 week stay at the Chai Yai Gym in Chiang Mai,

 training with John B Will (one of the first non-Brazilian Black Belts) for over 10 years, Rigan Machado, Carlos Machado,

Larry Popadapolus (Pancrase fighter and #1 Ranked Shooto fighter), John Donehue (RAW team Submission Coach, Extreme Fighting Head Referee, Gene LeBelll and Rigan Machado Black Belt) for over 3 years,

 Sam Greco (Pride and K1 Vet), Sam Soliman (Contender Boxer) Bob Sapp (Pride Vet), Daniel Kelly (3 time Olympic Judoka, 1 time Commonwealth Games Wrestler), Cris Brown (5 time Olympic Games Wrestler) and many many more.